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  • Bus:- The schools have a fleet of buses which are used for transport of students from and to their homes.
  • Students’ Club:- There is a Students Club which meets quite often and besides sharing news, Views, jokes and academic matters, the participants discuss their problems Visa-Vis studies, cultural programmes, difficulties faced by them and report to the authorities.
  • Students’ Council:- One student from each section is selected to represent his section. The selection is not based on merely academic merit. They are selected on the basis of qualities of leadership and excellence in extra-curricular activities also. These Students participate in the administration of the school and at the school functions.
  • Science Clubs:- There is a juniors’ Science Club (Stds. 6 to 8) and a seniors’ Science Club (Stds. 9 upwards). It is to help the students with potential to discuss topics given in science magazines the clubs meet every fortnight.
  • English Clubs:- There are separate English Clubs for juniors and seniors 1n which students are encouraged to read, recite and write in English.
  • Eco Club:- Eco Club of the school 18 sponsored by the Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT, Delhi to sensitized the students on environmental issues. The Club has been holding various activities successfully.
  • Value Education:- Value Education is provided in a secular way as indicated in the Humanistic Prayers and Hymns the books prescribed deal with the values embodied 1n the prayers.